Loneliness STALKS Me

October 29, 2011
By ScaredTobeAlone BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
ScaredTobeAlone BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Livv life .&. Stop the VIolence Itches`

It seems like i cant runaway from the loneliness it keeps chasing me no matter how far i run or how high i jump it gets me i tried to hide from It but it caught me.I'm trying to be normal and not have to worry about the loneliness that's following me.I try to do everything that can stop this loneliness but it follows me.Please help me i call but its like loneliness traps me in a pitch black room were no one hears me i cry and sob and yell and still no one hears me.i wish somebody could hear me.i just wish this loneliness can go away but it wont go away even if i move to another country or state it will be right behind me with a smile on its face causing me to get scared and shrivel up in a ball.I wish loneliness can just leave me alone FINALLY.but that day seems it never will be.but ill will always be seeming to seek for that day.

The author's comments:
This is how i fell Sometimes.I Hope you like it.

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