No Fear

October 28, 2011
forevernotthinkingstraight SILVER, Terrell, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.”
― Marilyn Monroe

She walked down the halls always looking behind her. Checking to see if someone would notice the way she avoided everything and everyone.
She would never look anyone in the eyes. If anyone turned their head anywhere towards her,she would always look straight down.
She could do everything and nothing but only by herself. No matter how hard something was she would never ask for help, and never allows any.
Until one day a boy came up to her and began to speak. And as she stood there, frozen with fear and shock she realized this time, she had nowhere to run to.
He continued to talk, oblivious to her terror, she wondered what she was to say, what she was supposed to do.
But then she realized it didn’t matter what she did, because no matter what she ended up doing, this boy wasn’t going away.
She thought about that for a second then began to listen, and she automatically became interested.
So when he paused for a second to take a breath, she started to talk back. Now it was his turn to stand frozen with shock.
Once they stared talking, they never stopped.
They easily became best friends, then a couple.
Now married, nothing like the original awkward girl she once was, together forever.
Still talking, but with no fear.

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