Football Thoughts

October 28, 2011
By D1oldest SILVER, New York, New York
D1oldest SILVER, New York, New York
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They all walk in their own pack
while I stay alone in the back
Observing their loud laughs and jokes
While I remain the one who hasn't spoke
The one who never meets their eyes
or even understand why I even try
To catch the ball which is doomed to fall
To try to escape from them all
To reach the end of this grassy field
So for once I could be the big deal
The one everyone congratulates
The one everyone appreciates
The quarterback who throws tear the sky
Who catches the ball when he jumps so high
But I'm not, I'm just your under average player
Waiting till luck comes into my favor

The author's comments:
These are some thoughts I had during my time playing football with my friends.

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