Nobody Told Me

October 28, 2011
When I was a little girl, nobody told me. I had to learn by myself: who to be and to NOT be. I kept my feelings locked up, and I just found that gold key. Always known to follow, now YOU follow and I lead.

Nobody told me survival = me being a SOLDIER. Nobody told me, I would experience pains I wish to be over. Nobody told me, my self-esteem would go up and down like a roller coaster.
Nobody told me, LIFE is what I have to make the most of.

I had to learn on my own, there were people who hate me. I just couldn’t be beautiful without feeling guilty. At home being punished, while at school I’m a honoree. Friends said that I should “give up” , I said “sorry I disagree”.

Nobody told me the world judges everything you do. Through my actions they predict what I would later turn into. I never understood where they got their point of view. Criticism made me sick like I caught the stomach flu.

Somebody should have told me, struggles make you who you are. Who said “to be worth listening to, you have to be a superstar” ? Sometimes life feels like the track and I’m in a racing car but, I’m ready for the ride because I know I’m going far.

Nobody told me “Things get better”, when I felt my life was a mess. They never called me “special” because I wasn’t like the rest. Nobody told me I would become this strong, even I’m impressed. Nobody told me “Shurayer, You’re Too Blessed To Be Stressed”

I’m moving on with opportunities to be somebody new. I’m never looking back, I’m divorced from the old me. I’m learning, I’m reaching, I’m changing, I’m proud. I tell myself all the things that nobody told me.

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