my love

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

You are great in every way
You’re wonderful in everything that you do
You are my world and nobody can take you from me
You are my pride and joy
Like food to my soul

You give me my strength to go on with my life
You’re as beautiful as a rose
Like day and night
Your their
When I need you
You always treat me with respect
When nobody else does
You are my love
Like scars on the body
Never forgotten
Always there
And no one can ever change that
I and you are
Like the foundation of stone
Like the force of nature
Like the true meaning of love
We can never be separated
Your are my love always and forever
Like love is to life
Love is like a rose sweet and beautiful
Get to close and you will bleed
Life is like a flower
Sweet, Wonderfull
The flower slowly withers away, like our own lives
We wither away into nothingness
With our seeds planted,
They grow our children
For then
Our legacy is carried on
We are never forgotten
Just like sand through the hourglass
Time slowly goes away
Bodies decay
Memories forgotten
But never our love
For we are many things
Never alone
Never in the dark
Through death
Is our destiny

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