Simply War

October 30, 2011
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The bombs burst in the air.
They throw rubble, dirt, and alien objects
at my comrades and I.
There is nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide.
As I look around, however, I see not panic.
No I see… I see my friends, my comrades, set up.
I see them load their guns, find a crack
in between buildings. I hear Sarge yell out orders.
I see the bravery emanating brightly around all of them.
Like the Angel sent to Joseph.
This glow was His message… “Fear not, for I bring
tidings of great joy”
Only this message was “We got your back.”

These men and women, they give not only
their time and effort; but also their lives.
Husbands losing wives, children losing parents
…when can we just come home?

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