Don't tell me you can't feel the c-c-chemistry

October 30, 2011
The way your blue eyes shine
Puts the New York lights to shame
And every word you speak
Makes my heart explode into a burning flame

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
But these days I abide to disagree
To hear your voice, feel your skin
Makes the pain flow deeper in me

You build me up, break me down
As you once again crawl back to her side
Your feelings for her override my love for you
And this connection begins to subside

Right and left, up and down
We are like a roller coaster with endless tracks
Lust and desire, love and pain
In the end I can't deny the facts

But right here I'll wait for you
You're the drug creeping through each vein
And no matter what you do
These feelings make my heart explode into a burning flame

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