Dear mermaids

October 27, 2011
By personalpenguin398 BRONZE, Ny,Ny, New York
personalpenguin398 BRONZE, Ny,Ny, New York
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"It is only with the heart that one can see clearly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Dear Mermaids
It was bound to happen
Already I spent to much time with you
Since I was a child
Diving through the ocean waves
Wishing I could grow my hair long and golden like yours
Instead of short and brown
So that it could trail behind me as I swam
I spent to much time with you
And now i am old
And my legs are beginning to itch
And become very cold
And I feel more and more out of place
Here on dry land
Dear mermaids
You never told me you were contagious
Not once did you warn me
That spending to much time with you
Could be dangerous
Like to much time in the sun
And now my hair is finally beginning to grow
And I gaze at myself in the mirror
Adorning my white locks with seashells
Dear mermaids
Where have you gone?
Now I need you more
Then when I was a child
Why did you leave me
jut as I was becoming one of you?
Dear mermaids
Please come back

The author's comments:
This was from the same prompt as my other poem "look at this human leg". The "dear mermaids, it was bound to happen" part is from a poem by Wislawa Szymborska.

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Lia692 said...
on Mar. 27 2012 at 8:09 am
Lia692, Spokane, Washington
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"Life should be viewed from afar and lived from close up."

Quirky and interesting. I like it.

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