Getting Over You.

October 26, 2011
By Toribop SILVER, Pensacola, Florida
Toribop SILVER, Pensacola, Florida
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Convincing my mind, I’ll find someone new
I won’t be alone, I won’t be with you
Waiting for me to collapse to your side
Sorry. Not this time. I’m keeping my pride
It will take time, but I’m on my way
I know this time, I’ll be more then ok
He gazed deeply in my hazel eyes
And lied to me, “ I won’t make you cry.”
I thought these words were perfectly true
Until he broke my heart and found someone new
I finally realized I don’t deserve this
You don’t deserve me, and your not one I’ll miss
I know I’ll still love you, although it hurts
Fortunately, time heals and will convert.
He’ll come back if he is one to care
And if he doesn’t, he was never really there
Hurt and lonely is not what I’ll be
You’ll be out one night with the girl of the week
You’ll come back saying, “I really care”
Guess what player? I won’t be there.
I have recently realized, tables have turned
We weren’t meant to be, it was a lesson learned
Goodbye to the tears, your forced me to cry
Goodbye to feelings, of wanting to die
Goodbye shame, goodbye regret
Because I’m over this, I’m over it
Goodbye to the awful thing s you do
Hello to a life without you
You weren’t the victim, you still know to this day
When I left you, you were already walking away
May god send down a dove, with wings as sharp as razors,
to spear the heart of any guy who loves a girl and betrays her
I know this isn’t what you wanted to be
To put it simply, I know you miss me
I know that must be a hard pill to swallow
I feel for your girl, I’m a hard act to follow

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