Ship in a Bottle

October 26, 2011
By th3wurkingtytle BRONZE, Queensbury, New York
th3wurkingtytle BRONZE, Queensbury, New York
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I've broken the bottle I've been living in
These waves have sent me into motion
I escaped into the night
And in the dark I was out of sight
Now I've been begging for the morning to come
You went and pulled down the dawn
But what do I do now that you're gone?
The waters much too cold
When your waiting for the wind to blow

Too proud to sink
I set sail for where the oceans and the heavens collide
While the winds breathed warning down my spine
They said I should go home
I wonder if my S.O.S. will ever reach the coast
I never thought I'd never wish for solid ground
Or wanting the silence to kill the waves sound

I don't know how to break the bottle I'm living in
I guess that's what happens
When you've touched the horizon

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