A Battle You Must Win

October 26, 2011
By Anonymous

When lives have been altered beyond repair,
And happiness is but a silly notion,
When you feel that you have nothing but despair,
And you wish you could make a self killing potion,
Fight to Live
Don’t give into the taunting temptation,
Sharpen your mind,
Don’t allow yourself to be overcome by desperation,
Live with a will,
Live with a purpose,
Don’t stab yourself once more with that ink filled quill,
Don’t let those losers,
Turn you into them,
Keep yourself from becoming one of those tired old posers,
When life brings you down,
Don’t stop living,
Stay alive with a spark,
And never stop giving,
For these problems so bleak,
Are problems only for the living,
Enjoy what you can,
Ignore what you can’t,
For life is a battle,
A battle you must win.

The author's comments:
Well, I wrote this at one am when I was desperately trying to get tired enough to fall asleep... The night does odd things to people. This is what it does to me.

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