The Key

October 23, 2011
I smile whenever
You’re around
Without you
My world turns
Upside down

My only wish
Is for me to be with you
And for you to give me love
That’s true

I don’t know if
We’ll ever be together
But I do know
I’ll love you forever

I don’t know where you are
Or how far you live
But I do know
That my heart wants to give

I’m being stupid
I know
But for you, a thousand miles
I would go

It may be wrong and
Isn’t meant to last
Maybe….just maybe
I’m moving too fast

You may not even feel
The same way
As I do, & will
Tomorrow and today

Maybe that was the last time
We’d ever meet
So why does my heart
Still skip a beat?

Will you ever know...
How I feel?
Sometimes I wonder...
Is this for real?

Someone like me may not
Get a second glance
But someday, in your heart,
I hope you’ll give me
A chance

It may never be possible
For you and me
But still, to my heart
I give you the key.

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starlight26 said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Sorry for the typo:( Its "As I do & will"

I hope you guys enjoy it :) feedback please

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