The Example

October 25, 2011
By judge BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
judge BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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The heavy sobs from the villagers created white puffs of mist in the morning air.

While some couldn't look, others couldn't look away.

Blood - Gore - Carnage

Surrounded by a brick wall,
the grey square was packed with foreign soldiers.

Within their cirlce of despotism
was a villager, a friend, a family member.

"No other savage will talk back to me,"
"No other savage will disobey my order again,
"No other savage will run from me again,"

The thick, deep red blood streamed down his bruised skin,
sending droplets of blood splattering everywhere he staggered.

Using a single, swift blow, the relentless soldier
met the butt of his gun to the man's temple.

Onlookers stared at the horrendous sight in shock,
hearing nothing but their hearts pounding in their ears.

Gone was their fellow villager, friend, and family member.

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