Yours still fall

October 26, 2011
By Collide SILVER, Portsmouth, Ohio
Collide SILVER, Portsmouth, Ohio
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i want to show them im not just some piece in their games - peeta from the hunger games

you grabbed the knife
my arm is still bleeding
tears falling down
but not just from my face
you yell and yell
saying you care for me
then why
why didnt you show me
before it came to this
my blood still falling
you walk the few steps to me
but it doenst make a difference
im stars away
my life fading
tears keep falling down
the whisper deafening in the silence
i fall
you catch me
but its no use
im limp wieght in your hand
my body drained and pale
im gone
youre left
while my tears are dry
yours still fall

The author's comments:
i dont know why i wrote this but a lot of stuff i write can be like this some times so i hope yall like it

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