When He Comes Home

October 23, 2011
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Staring down evil
He never backs down
The will power in him ceases to amaze me
Superman could never come close
He’s my warrior, my brother
He’s not an actor
He’s a real person, a real hero
When he comes home the joy will be infinite
The prayers will all be answered
I will not worry about his safety
I’ll know of his security
My family will be complete
The holidays will be like the holidays
New memories will be made
I won’t have to keep flipping though the photographs
I can’t wait for the days when I say he’s home for good
But until then,
As he leaves I pray to God with every step he takes
I cling to pictures of him and me
The moment of silence in school is used to pray for him
Birthdays go by and holidays follow
I hear the apologies from others and how proud they are of him
None are quite as proud of him as my family
I hear others complaining about their brother
I think of how lucky they are to at least know they are safe
I try to remain strong and remember he’s coming home
But it’s easier said than done
When he comes home for good
It will be all smiles and hugs
Until then I’ll pray and proudly say that’s my brother
That’s my hero

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