What Is the Point of Life If You’re Only Guaranteed Death??

October 22, 2011
By Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
Krbj33 BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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Why Can’t Everyone Live Life To The Fullest? Why Can’t We All Make It Out Safe?
Why Are People’s Lives Taken So Quick? Why Does It All Happen This Way?
Did We Do Something Wrong? Or Did We Do Something Right?
We Will Never Know The Real Truth Of Why It Happened To Them That Night?
Life Is Something That Not Everyone Gets The Chance To Live All The Way Through,
But Some Of The Reasons People Die Is Because They ‘ve Completed What God Needed Them To Do.
God Put Us On This Earth For A Purpose Which We All Will Complete One Day,
But I Guess After That Day Comes There’s No Point For Us To Live Or For Us To Stay.
So Some Lives Are Taken Earlier Than Others And In Many Different Ways,
It’s A Tragic Site But God Must Have Wanted It To End This Way.
We All Have A Purpose In Life And We Might Not Have Figured It Out Right Now,
But The Day You Impact The World Or Just Impact Someone’s Life Is The Day You Know Exactly Why And How.
So We Just Live Our Lives In Mystery, Waiting And Wondering Why Am I Still Alive On This Earth?
But The Truth And Goodness Will Be Left Inside You Until Its Time For You to Find What Your Mind And Heart Can Really Be Worth.....

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