The Field

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I stretch my legs
in the glinting morning sun.
The grass coated in dew
awakens my senses.
Crickets chirp in the nearby fields.
I step into line with the other runners.
The starter gun blasts through
the still air.
Heart pounding,
I take off.
I pull into the front of the group.
My feet falling into the
usual pace.
The cool breeze
brushes my face.
In through the nose,
I see the finish line.
Out through the mouth,
almost there.
My feet quicken. I’m running at a full sprint.
When I reach the finish line,
I stop.
The crowd cheers
I can feel my heart pounding against my chest
I’m so happy
Everything goes by in a blur.
People pat my back
“Good job” “That was great”
I hardly hear any of it.
I look up at the sky, at the glinting morning sun,
And smell the dew in the air,
That now cools my pounding heart.

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