Skin Deep

October 10, 2011
By imastar_123 SILVER, Coral Springs, Florida
imastar_123 SILVER, Coral Springs, Florida
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Mother always told me never look skin deep

That’s where all the lies and misinterpretation leak

Before I started, tell me what you honestly what you thought of me

You see, it takes 3 seconds for a person to tell you your whole life story

Whether your suffering or have high class of glory

Case 1 scenario

If a black girl was walking down the street, you probably think her mother gets beat

Her home is full of misery and her father is no where to be seen or dead beat

And she lays down on concrete, color weave
Oh yea the most famous term, Ghetto
She must be

Not knowing she had a Harvard college degree

So what about Sally with the blond hair
And vanilla skin, body so right which everyone could see
Do you think she lives the high life
Allowance every week, finest broad that everyone wanted to be

But what if I told you Sally was homeless and had no where to sleep
By her appearance you wouldn’t believe me

Or what about Erica who had the latest outfits
Take flight with the brand name shoes, brand name clothes, brand name soul
Because Erica isn’t whom you thought she be

You see Erica sleeps with John the John
And John the John slept with Sally who had an STD

So all the brand names Erica wears is just skin deep
But the child she carries won’t settle her weeps

Oh, lets not forget about Tom
Foreigner is his nationality
He wears a wrap around his head
Terrorist everyone screams

Momma told him don’t look skin deep
Don’t let those kids tell him who he should be

But what she doesn’t know when he goes to school, he’s the fool
He’s the donkey that everyone’s pinning the blame on

Telling him to blow himself up just like Al Qaida did

Tom was only 13
Poor Tom’s mom found him hanging from a tree
Accepted is all he wanted his nationality to be

Or what about Maria the thickest Hispanic broad
Only if she knew God
She walks the halls as quiet as she can be
Today’s rumor is she’s pregnant by Steve

Better than Yesterday when everyone said her mother smoked cocaine
And gives her little brother Arizona and weed
What they didn’t know her mother was a doctor with a Master Degree

But the only thing Maria has is a blow job degree
But that’s according to skin deep you see
Because Maria’s clothes is to small they assume bust it wide open she must be

See by assuming I just made an ass out of you and me
Because it’s the hard times and Maria has to wear hammy downs you see
So no baby by Steve, no head degree
Just 17 trying to dream who she could be

So tell me what do you see in this scenario
With two hands,two eyes and two feet

Don’t worry I’ll wait while you stereotype this mystery

Now do you see
It’s you but not just you its me, its she and he, its Erica and Sally
Because beyond skin deep lies a personality with hopes and dreams.

So before you judge me
Close your eyes, and tell me what do you see?

Nothing, cause nothing is what you know
With eyes all we see is skin deep

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