Different Lens

October 24, 2011
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People say a picture is worth a thousand words,
They can see how someone looks or dresses.
But can they see who the person truly is,
Underneath the exterior where lay all the messes?
A picture can’t emit how a person feels,
It won’t expose all the secrets hidden by their looks.
A sweet and innocent person might be wanting to kill,
Because people can’t judge a cover, just like books.
New perspectives await so I take a look through the lens,
Hoping to find out what all is hidden.
Zooming in and out, trying to look deeper,
Maybe what is in peoples’ hearts isn’t so forbidden.

Sitting with his friends, he’s the life of the party,
Always hitting on a new girl every week.
Pretending as if he doesn’t care, making him look mean,
But behind that “playboy” exterior, he’s really weak.
He loves his family and friends but doesn’t let it show,
Caring for everyone and everything.
However he doesn’t let his heart be seen,
Putting up barriers so he won’t find himself falling.
Black and white fills his picture,
But with a different lens, he’s bursting with color.
He’s not as bad as he seems or tries to be…
After he takes off his mask, his color won’t be so obscure.

She sits in her room hiding in a corner,
Listening to music, blocking out the horrifying screams.
She can’t take it anymore, not a single second more,
It’s hard to survive…on the outside her life isn’t what it seems.
Dimensions lie beneath the black and white exterior,
Happy and funny isn’t all she emanates,
It’s who she pretends to be so people don’t know,
Know that sometimes she tries to take her life to decide her fate.
But she still forces a smile except when she’s all alone in her room.
Raindrops will pour out of her eyes,
Until the wet valley turns into a dry desert,
Or until there’s no more emotion and all feeling dies.

Breaking my heart to see all the pain hiding underneath,
Everyone is hiding a little something…
It may be hurt and pain; it may be rejection or defeat,
Even the stresses of what drama can bring.
But it’s all tucked in, underneath a dense piece of glass.
A glass that is covered with darkness so nothing is visible.
If we just adjust our eyes and hearts so we see through a different lens,
We won’t be so naive and place people under a stereotypical label.
A picture is worth a thousand words,
But those words don’t mean a thing unless they are true…
We have to look deeper, beyond the surface,
Because changing the way we see pictures, begins with you.

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