Love Gone Wrong

October 21, 2011
By RuthSang BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
RuthSang BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
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10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentratedd power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain.

Walls around me, my shield
Boulders, canyons and sweet nothings you wield
Prowling my walls day and night
Might there be a way in, an opening on your right.

You found one
You barged in
Whispering sweet nothings
Promising she’s nothing

Brick by brick you tear at my walls
Brick by brick I let them fall
Ignoring instincts, cautious no more
Closing the gap between us, forevermore

So suave,
So smooth,
The things you do
Got me flying higher than the moon

Spring was everywhere
Flowers blossom with every step I took
You were so sweet, you got me hooked
Head over heels, over the hills, into the brook

The whiz of the blow came through the air
The crack of the heart is not your care
Shattering into a thousand pieces
Caressing silence in its crevices

Laconic replies
Hearts shattering
Smashed to smithereens
It’s all been denied

Hearts breaking, shattering
Blood flowing, everywhere
Defending silence, all is lost, strangers once more

The author's comments:
Written after a heartbreak...

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