darkness and the piano

October 18, 2011
A great darkness
presses down upon
a beating heart

Eyes of blue
begin to fill
a squint, a sigh, lids droop, eyes downcast

The darkness grows heavy
fueled by starvation of light and sound

dry and cracked
sucking in air, rasping
the air flushes out with a cry
a sob

Shoulders rise up and down
like a ferry boat in a storm
salty spray spattering cheeks

The darkness, oh so strong
so powerful, so heavy
settles down, ready to stay
blocking out light and sound

A tinkling, a tune, leaks in
a piano plays
no one sits at it

The music, new closed off ears
trickles through the darkness

the darkness squirms, No! It will not leave!!

The music, stronger, breaks the icy hold

Eyes of blue, rise
look, rest upon the piano
Black and white, coal and ivory
colors invade the eyes of blue

Lips part, still dry and cracked
letting out a sound to match the tune

Lips turn up, a smile lighting up the piano

Harmony and melody

Darkness, that strong darkness, shatters

Two voices rise, intertwined


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