Eff Why

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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those moments when you just sit there and think.
and wander your mind to the point at the brink.
almost there where you've always wanted to be.
then unnerving when it wasn't what you initially seen.
so the beings have changed; standing here differently.
but still all the same within the parameters of coherently.
still awesome, fun, enjoyable, when you're all around.
but you're that wavering thought when i'm on the mound.
so get the f*** outta here, no kidding, please stay.
oh f*** this s***, i just sit here and write, i lay.
get on with your life, move on to that next guy.
while i sit back and wonder, why the f***ing why?

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