One girl, many addictions

October 16, 2011
By IrieHorton SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
IrieHorton SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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She stands in front of the mirror,
Diet pills in her hands,
She hasn't eaten in weeks,
Shell do anything to be thin,
The scale reads 90,
The mirror 210.
Never skinny enough,
Shell never win.
Razor to the wrist,
Crimson rivers fill the floor.
Blood drains from her body,
Shes locked the door.
No way out,
Not a single way in,
Relief has left,
Death comes siting in.
Memories fill her mind, and the pain begins to show,
She knows only one way to force them out,
To tell the memories to go.
So she sucks in deep,
And lays low,
Beneath her blanket of smoke.
Smoke exits her mouth,
Ad the memories do too,
And for an hour shell fine,
When the memories are gone,
Everything is fine.
One girl, with many addictions to spare,
Most will argue, say it isn't fair.
Why did no one help the poor girl?
But lets be honest, would you even try?
To save the girl with the cold tired look in her eye.
So here's her final goodbye.
She takes 20 pills,
But this times not the same as last.
She has no where to stand,
She sits on the floor,
Hard liquor in her hand, with Xanax on her lap.
She falls asleep,
She falls asleep fast.
She wonders off in a dream,
But this time, there's no coming back.
Death finally set in.
Thanks to many pills, and a bottle of Jack.

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