Straight Rainbows

October 16, 2011
By Anonymous

From the imperfections of my life
to my asymmetrical emotions,
I am flawed.

Human, so I lie
lie like a narcoleptic across a comfy mattress
lie like the lye chemicals tricking my hair into believing it is straight.

Straight like the colorful bends of a rainbow,
straight like the narrow path life forces me to walk.

Though I love the beautiful storm I am encountering,
I dare not wait for the rainbow.

Even though its beauty can easily compete with the sun and moon,
it is not considered a celestial masterpiece,
instead a blemish to the sky.

I long to follow, to chase,
to be captivated by that controversial pot of gold.

But I am already flawed,
already human,
already scared,
so I lie.
I Hate Rainbows.

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