Lady Day MAG

October 12, 2011
By ash3156 SILVER, Frankford, Delaware
ash3156 SILVER, Frankford, Delaware
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I knew a woman once
Languid as the blues
Sharp as brass
Never overlooking a thing
Fighting a war between the ears
Private, on display
Nurturing, cold

She'd walk the floor
Like a father
Cacophonous tongue
Leaving untucked chairs
Head in a personal cloud of smoke
Never pausing
Never needing anyone

But she'd look at love
Like a mother
Scanning your heart's scroll
Never missing an opportunity
Sealing shut at a letdown
Moving on in her foolishness
Tricking with a smile

Yes, I knew a woman once
She taught me well

In the end,
We're all just sad, strong women
Hanging on for a word

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InkWriter13 said...
on Jun. 14 2012 at 9:31 pm

Clear, sharp use of language and diction. Lovely shaping of ideas. Insightful. Beautiful writing, truly. :D

Would you please read and comment on my poem titled Onward and Upward? I would really appreciate it! :D

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