Hope, Dreams, and Lemons

October 20, 2011
By exoskeletaI BRONZE, New City, New York
exoskeletaI BRONZE, New City, New York
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I’ve always wondered what it was like to look down at the earth
From Mars, the Moon, or even from a star
Look of the life below it
I wish that choosing the shoes that I wore for the day was the hardest decision I’d have to make
Every single morning
Because at one point, the little things did matter
When everything that was large and complex was invisible to the naked eye
But with microscopes, we are able to see the complexities of things that are much smaller than we are
The simple joys in life are undermined because of the new expectations of our society
“Linda, did you get the newest iPhone?”
When I have a child
I will tell him to count each star and record it in the book
Called his mind
And leave every single detail carefully carved there
So that when his children are feeling down, he can simply point and say
“Don’t worry, child- Acamar will be here in the universe for you and only you- and when it becomes a supernova, then you will always have the honest Hadir to comfort you in your times of need.”
Because I would have taught him the significance of being able to look up and smile
Smile because of hope and simplicity
Which are two of three of the simplest things one is given in life
Hope, simplicity, and lemons
Hope, Pandora gives us something to look to when we have nothing
Simplicity makes us smile about virtually anything small
And lemons, to remind us that things can be both sweet and sour
And that even when everything’s sour, the taste of it, will always fade away
And allow us to peel a new lemon
My son will dance
Not for the entertainment of Zeus and Hera
But to express his joy
To be alive and to eat lemons
And when he comes across love
He won’t know it
Because I will teach him to love everyone
No matter what they have done
My son will be the nicest man
Who won’t harm a fly
But shares his lemons with it
My son will enjoy all of the simple things in life that I never could have
Including hope and lemons
And putting on his shoes in the morning

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