October 18, 2011
By joshpatton BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
joshpatton BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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No where to go, always in the dark,
Everything bleak, my world so stark.
Upon my face, a constant frown,
No one for me, my heart on lock-down.
Laughter non-existent, happiness unheard of,
Heartbroken always, no one to love.
Need to get my life back on track,
My view of the world twisted and black.
And then…out came the sun,
Just like that, my new life has begun.
Light filing me with utter joy,
Bouncing around like a little boy.
Drunk on life, full of laughter,
I’m living happily ever after.
My heart is bursting with feelings so strong,
Glad you finally found me after so long.
Always smiling, ridden with bliss,
Butterflies fluttering as we kiss.
Now I have someone to call my own,
And I’ll never have to be alone.
You light up my world, my soul, and my heart,
I can’t stand when we are apart.
A beautiful girl with eyes that glisten,
Someone I know who’ll always listen.
Baby, you’re my sunshine, until the finish,
My love for you will never diminish.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my girlfriend for our anniversary.

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