Stay Awake

October 15, 2011
You’re thinking of giving up,
Surrendering to your past.
You want to forget it all,
But don’t make today your last.
You’re having a hard time now,
But an improvement is on the way.
Things will change, I promise you.
It takes rain for a flower to grow, they say.
You can’t see through the fog right now,
But if you could, you would see
Life will take a turn from here,
Do yourself a favor and just trust me.
Maybe the bad seems to overpower the good,
But think of the things you’d miss out on.
With life comes struggles, but also rewards.
And I’d certainly miss you if you were gone.
Whatever your struggle may be,
At the end of the tunnel, I see a light.
Maybe you’re having a bad day,
But a romantic evening awaits you tonight.

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