October 20, 2011
I was trotting down the narrow sidewalk on Halloween night, jumping over every crack on the concrete.
It was dark, and all I carried was a bag full of candy I had collected from other houses.
All I heard was my noisy costume rattling, and my footsteps pounding against the earth.
The bright full moon glistened all over the neighborhood.
Crickets chirped, and fireflies lit up.
My mind was focused on getting home, until suddenly I heard the loudest ear-splitting screech coming from behind me.
I responded by turning around shrieking.
No one was behind me.
I searched left to right, but nothing was to be noticed.
As I tried to make my way back home, I heard trees rustle from behind.
Nothing but anxiety ran through my mind.
I decided to look back one more time, then make a run for it.
I heard another loud crash, then started to sprint to my house.
All of a sudden, something roared behind me.
My heart skipped a beat, but as I turned once more, all I saw were headlights, and a shape of a car that formed afterwards.
As it turns out, I got all terrified by a car.
I am the most paranoid person in the world.

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