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October 20, 2011
By ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie. I love me some pie."-Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Unruly curly chestnut hair

Thick and unmanageable

Huge forehead with heart-shaped widow’s peak

Framing her face

Thin rounded-rectangular glasses

Hiding sparkling hazel eyes

Large pig-shaped, upturned nose

Covered in blackheads

Chapped, pouty pinkish red lips

Upstaged by a small cocoa mole above

Pale, acne-scarred skin, red with blemishes

Covering her facial bones

C-cups protruding from her chest

Looking smaller than others’

Slightly round belly, soft and squishy

If only it would flatten like it should

Love handles creating even more curves

As if she needed any more

Dark hair defining her arms

But she wishes they would fade

Long fingers she uses too often typing creatively

Speeding, but never keeps up with her brain

Moles sprouting from her arms, 50 or more

Almost like she’s a living connect the dots

Red lines across her skin under her left forearm

Showing how hard & imperfect her life is

Thick, curvy thighs, yet muscular and defined

Though she complains about it each day

Knobby knees snap and crack with each move

Like rice krispies, fragile for her age

Thin, toned calves from wedges and bike rides

The only part of her body she’s proud of

Skinny feet, smooth and almost ‘calf’ perfect

With long, slim toes, foot model-worthy

Though she’s only 5’6” and 163 pounds

She’s not fat, but beautifully curved

She may not be beautiful in the eyes of the media

But she’s not ugly, that’s for sure

She may not be social

But she’s smart enough to make up for it

She may not be perfect…but she’s perfect to me

She may not be who I want her to be

But she’s who I am and who I will be

I am Chelsea, and I am beautifully unique <3

The author's comments:
Looking at myself, all I can find is negativity. So instead, I battled it with all my might and wrote what I really saw and felt about it, all observations from deep in my soul. This is the real me, and I'm not ashamed.

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Alison said...
on Oct. 25 2011 at 1:45 pm
I liked it...very truthful and powerful. But you said you're " only five foot six" as if you're less-than or something. I'm 16 and if you're saying you're short, you're not short at all....