I miss you

October 20, 2011
I miss taking nothing seriously. Looking into each other’s eyes. Laughing so hard, we’d almost cry. Smiling so bright, you could no longer see the sun.
Being so close, nothing could keep us from having fun.
I miss talking to you all night long, about nothing at all. Hearing your voice till 7 in the morning.
Waiting for one of us to say something.
Getting butterflies when we say “I love you”.
Laughing at everything big and small.
I miss fighting.
Arguing constantly, just to forget the reason why.
Working things out, and talking in solitary.
Being sorry and using a kiss as an apology.
I miss holding your hand, while walking down the hall.
Showing the world you’re my man. Giving a sweet command.
Hugging goodbye.
Kissing one last time. Saying “I’ll see you next time.”
I miss waking up to your strong arms, gripping tightly around my weak body.
Listening to your heart beat rapidly as I rest my head upon your warm chest.
Feeling your sweet breath brush gently against my neck.
Watching you sleep, knowing I’m safe lying there between you and that beautiful silk sheet.
I miss calling you mine.
Keeping me as your baby.
Having sweet names, we call each other daily.
Hoping it’ll stay like this forever.
Wishing you’d say “I’ll leave you- never.”

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