Dont leave me

October 19, 2011
By Jonesy101 BRONZE, Roy, Utah
Jonesy101 BRONZE, Roy, Utah
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Laugh your heart out, Dance in the rain! Cherish the moment & ignore the Pain! Live, Laugh, Love! Forgive & forget! Life is to short to be liveing with regrets!

This life goes by so fast.

But when im in ur arms my world seems to slow to a hault

I wish I could stay in those arms that hold me close

While I hear u whisper u love me in my ear

I cant help but smile when I see u. .


I don’t know how I lived with out u.

My life seems complete now that ur here.

“Never leave me” I whisper in ur ear.

U kiss my head and promise u never will

As we just lay there in the sun, in each others arms.

Holding each other close.

Not wanting to let go.

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