The Beautiful Monster

October 19, 2011
By ladyraven BRONZE, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
ladyraven BRONZE, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
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"What it is it like in your tiny little minds?It must be so boring."

In a darkened hovel,
a child was born
She was so beautiful
A face so perfect
That it could only mask the purest heart.

The child looked up
With those beautiful eyes
And said "give me wealth
Give me luxury, style, and fame"
So they did

She looked out at the cold, tired world
from her seat of power and said
"Give me beauty. Give me works of art, natural wonders
Anything that could hope to rival my perfect face."
So they brought them

And when this accumulation of beauty
Was set in front of her mighty throne
She ordered her slaves to destroy
Every last piece
So they did

And as the slaves tore apart
The Van Goghs, the Rembrandts,
And the Picassos
She looked down upon the broken masterpieces
And laughed the most beautiful laugh

But the dark child was not satisfied.
So she sent her slaves out into the world
To smash and burn
Anything that was beautiful
So they did

And the child watched
As the kauris, the Versailles, and Yosemite
And all other things that were beautiful
Were destroyed
And as they burned she laughed

And the dark beauty watched
As her slaves killed the world
And fire fell like rain
And she laughed
The most beautiful thing in a world that belonged to her.

And as she brew older and more beautiful,
She covered all of the world
So powerful that she blotted out the sun
And she looked out on her world of pain and death
She saw what she had done and laughed

But even those who are so powerful
And more beautiful then all of the treasures of the world
Are felled by nature
And so she died
The youngest ruler of the world

There was no hero
There was no gallant uprising
It was just the world taking back it's freedom
And as she lie twitching on the ground
A single flower bloomed.

The author's comments:
I challenged a friend to a poetry writing contest. This was a result.

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