I Miss Time

October 18, 2011
By EarthAngel GOLD, Akeley, Minnesota
EarthAngel GOLD, Akeley, Minnesota
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I miss time.
I watch my pen scratch my paper and magically produce ink.
I know it’s not magic.
I could figure out how it works.
But I don’t want to.
Nothing’s magic anymore.
I watch grass twitch in the wind.
One ant crawls across my paper and I let it.
A piece of grass is stuck between a bolt and the bench that I am sitting on.
It spastically moves in every which direction.
A squirrel in the distance waves its tail as it climbs down its tree.
Stopping only to look at my when I unconsciously click my pen.
They say I waste my precious time.
One minute closer to death.
I miss time.

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on Oct. 25 2011 at 11:02 am
NotWriting_Bazinga PLATINUM, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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I miss you!! You are really emotional and heartfelt!! I love it!!

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