October 17, 2011
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Do you remember the time that we
Sat outside under the stars,
And it was so dark that even though I was placed
Ten inches from your smile,
I couldn’t see it?
And all I had to remember you by
Was the sound of your voice?
You told me stories that I secretly
Didn’t want to hear, but I listened anyway;
Because I knew you were fading faster than I thought.

Do you remember the time that we were
Crushed amongst others in a crowded room,
But to us it felt empty, because we were
So drawn to the energy?
Coincidentally you had your arms around me,
Or maybe it wasn’t so coincidental at all –
Maybe it was fate telling us
That this is the way things should be,
We should always protect each other, and never change.
Why do you never listen to fate?

And lastly, do you remember the time
That I said, “I love you”?
And do you remember the time
That you said, “I love you, too”?
Because those moments are quickly dissipating.
Do you remember when we decided,
Not by words, but by actions,
That we would never separate, and
Always protect each other? Because
You seem to be leaving too quickly.

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