Jack and Rose

October 17, 2011
As she stood on the bow,
Of the “Unsinkable,”
She realized,
Her world was unthinkable.

No longer did she want to be alive,
One jump and it would all be over,
But hesitation kicked right in,
When Jack said, “Stop! Don’t go any closer!”

Who was this man,
This stranger?
Why did he want to save her,
From her impending danger?

As she turned around,
She noticed a good-looking man.
As he came up with excuses,
She knew her future was grand.

His name was Jack Dawson,
And her’s Rose Bukater,
And from that moment on,
Their love just grew greater.

However, it was not meant to be,
With Rose so wealthy,
And Jack so poor,
No wonder why her mother found the relationship “Not healthy”

As the days passed by,
The love grew and grew,
Until one day it halted,
When Cal said they were through.

So they hid their love,
For only their eyes to see,
No one could tell,
Not even Rose’s family.

But when their secret was found,
They got in big trouble,
Jack was arrested,
Making Rose cry a puddle.

And on that dreadful night,
April Fourteenth,
Rose came a-running,
To the floors down beneath.

The boat was sinking,
What a terrible fate,
She hoped she could reach Jack,
Before it was too late.

Luckily she reached him,
Before he was gone,
Rose tried to save him,
With an axe she had donned.

Her attempt was successful,
At getting them out,
But they got trapped behind gates,
Nothing they would doubt.

After running through hallways,
And stairways galore,
Rose and Jack split up,
Hoping to see each other once more.

Their wish was granted,
Although not in the best way,
They held together during the sinking,
Trying not to die today.

But finally they must,
They must let go,
Although not happy,
They had to, they know.

An ice cold chill,
Ran up their spines,
Jack in the water,
And Rose on a door adorned with vines.

Unfortunately on that fateful night,
Jack was freezing and cold.
And much to Rose’s fright,
She lost Jack, her shining gold.

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