Forever Gone

October 17, 2011
Why must we part forever?
I can’t believe those words.
They’re spilling from my lips,
but they feel so unheard.

Am I supposed to live my life,
and never see your face?
Will my heart continue beating,
with such an empty space?

It’s so hard not to speak your name,
but harder when I do.
My gone forever angel,
Now how can I say, “I love you.”?

Now how can I tell you how much I miss you,
when my cries fall upon deaf ears?
And how can others tell me it will be okay,
when they don’t even see my tears?

Sometimes I cry,
when no one’s around,
I’m not even sure if I’m there.
Because all I see is black,
and all I hear is black,
and all I can breathe is cold, sharp,

And thinking of you is more painful,
than a genuine stab to the heart.
And knowing I won’t hear your voice again,
is tearing my whole life apart.

The fact that you’d say I was beautiful,
and I knew that there were no lies;
and kiss me,
and say, I was the only one you want,
never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Our times together were short,
yet endless memories were made.
They’re still overflowing with my tears,
as I pray you could have stayed.

And I keep asking questions,
that I already know the answers to;
because I keep telling myself,
what was wrong, was the right thing to do.

Your kiss, your touch, your sacred scent,
cannot be erased from my mind.
So no matter how many times I am told;
I will not be just fine.

And every day is agony,
when I think of what could have been.
And forgetting you?
Now how can I love again?

And late at night on the edge of sleep,
I’ll think of you my love.
Imagine you’re lying beside me,
with the warmth of lasting love.

The tears that fall upon my chest,
fall for you alone;
and all of your curse that I hold inside,
to our mighty Lord only is shown.

I’m guessing that you have forgotten me now,
forgotten the look in my eyes.
Never thinking of how in love we were,
nor sharing each other’s lives.

I know I’ve held on for a very long time,
and that I should logically just move on.
But it’s hard to mend a broken heart,
when the only one who can…
is gone.

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MorganM. said...
Mar. 2, 2012 at 9:36 am

This could also be put into song form; you should try it- it'd be great!


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