October 16, 2011
By Anonymous


used to feel pain

to find a gain

of control

to take a toll

on myself for what i deserved


that there was no hope

for those who couldn’t cope

with the feel on the inside

so i went for a ride

was a little nag

at first

but turned into a game of tag

when i couldn’t give it up

the end i thought it was my only friend
the only one to really mend

the hole that was eating me alive

dirty little secret

was what it became

it was impossible to tame

so i embraced every hurt

is what they all said

but i put all thoughts to bed

and only saw red

covering my skin

was the last thing i had

and it was really sad

to think my life would only amount to this

there any escape?” i begged

i had to find an end

to this madness that consumed me

was an answer

but it felt like a cancer

and i couldn’t give in

He came in the night

i couldn’t put up a fight

because of the glory He possessed

there is no other way

because he had already paid

the ultimate price

The author's comments:
For a long time, I struggled with terrible self-esteem, and I spent over three years in a life of cutting and self-hatred. It wasn't until I really opened my eyes and my heart to the Lord that I recognized who I was.

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