My American Hero

October 4, 2011
Boots laced;
Nice clean shave;
Hat in place;
Uniform in order.

One last check to make sure you're all set.
one last hug and one last kiss.
One last "stay safe and hurry home"
One last "I love you"

then you're out the door,
For duty calls once more.
You say it's just a job but,
it's so much more.
For a job is more for yourself,
when this is for you're whole country.

Risking it all,
Being brave,
Protecting others.
You're very familiar with all three.

Saying goodbye,
Leaving home,
All the things most wouldn't do.

For you're not just another guy,
You're a hero in my eyes.

For I'll stand by you,
though it all.
Thick and thin,
high and low,
and whatever else comes our way.

For you are my American Soldier?

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Silver2black said...
Jan. 20, 2012 at 5:46 am
???...Is that American hero a Father, if I didn't get the massage, I guess it my fault. The second stanza, three 'O's are capitalized and one isn't, the pattern is odd, I think it would look more decent if you choose one, not messy and confusing, This is just feedback, not criticizing...other than that I like the chosen subject, and your share !
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