October 17, 2011
You taunt me with your charming ways
And you make me want to give in.
I’ve been keeping my guard up,
All because of you
Because I’ve been warding off the evil you wish to tempt me with.
But you still make me want to sweetly surrender,
And join your dark side
And later fall victim to the pain and loneliness that accompanies once you are through with me.
I know this is not right.
I know this is not how love should be.
I need to purify myself of the sin that is your presence
I’m done being hurt; I don’t deserve it any longer.
What makes me think that the circumstances could be any different this time?
What makes me think I won’t end up feeling used again?
The answer is simply doesn’t exist.
I am on my own.
Serendipity is no longer on my side, so it is choice that will make my destiny.

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DAN_CER_554 said...
Oct. 19, 2011 at 6:28 pm
i like it :) dark but not to dark
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