The Voices In My Head Call Me Dear

October 16, 2011
By Danisaur SILVER, Ronda, North Carolina
Danisaur SILVER, Ronda, North Carolina
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Pull your sleeve down lower, dear.
Your insecurities,
Your insanity
Is infected.

Slump in your seat some more, dear.
You know you don't fit in.
Wonder if you're lost or found
And finally stand up, empty-handed.

Wipe those tears away swiftly, dear.
They can see how they burn your skin.
You can hear them whipser secrets
That you never knew were yours.

Fake a smile on more day, dear.
They don't have to know.
Surely they are oblivious
To the life you live when you're alone.

Fall down on your knees, dear.
And never get back up.
You know you don't have the strength
And you'd feel pathetic if you even tried.

Wait a moment, dear.
You may pull through yet.
Make it another day
And you'll breathe easier, I promise.

We're all so very proud of you, dear.
You threw away the razor
And threw away your tears
And replaced them with a real smile.

Again, we're so proud of you, dear.
You did this all by yourself.
Remember this, dear,
When it all happens again.

The author's comments:
Needless to say, I wrote this at a patchy time in my life. I was cutting and burning myself worse than ever, the girl I loved was with someone who didn't treat her right (it was hard to watch), and things were utter crap at home. But, as the end of the poem indicates, I got through it, even though I had to do it myself. And I really do need to make that confidence a habit, because my life has a way of repeating itself to the point of madness. I hope you enjoyed it, and remember, no matter what it is, you can get through it. You are beautiful and perfect.

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