October 10, 2011
A young girl
The daisy in the field
With pristine white petals
Swaying in the breeze

When she matures, she blooms
A creation of nature complete
Showered in the wishes and dreams
Of dandelion seeds

Her scent so sweet
The flower is beautifully unique
Though her beauty is admired
The meadow isn’t always at peace

Under the slivered moon
And the black of the midnight sky
In the harsh winds of heartbreak
Her stem shakes with fear

As the wind whistles
The petals blow away
Slowly, one by one
“He loves me, He loves me not”

Daisies are surrounded
By troublesome weeds
The boys that leave scars
Those who move on and leave

Then weeds are pulled
And the daisy can feel again
Petals still missing
But a part of them they’ll always be

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