Shining Rays of Sunlight

October 10, 2011
On a peaceful winter afternoon,

In the late November Sun

I sat next to him, laughing

In the November rays of shining sun


If you were to watch us

We would look like… friends

But, personally

I wish I could call him that.


He means so much to me,

As the friend I’ve known forever,

Or so it seems, as the hourglass ticks by,

As the friend I’ve never truly met, I wish I was brave enough to try.


He’s the boy who I talk to

When my friends won’t listen

He’s the boy who…

Barely even notices me


I don’t want to talk too much,

scared he’ll think I’m annoying.

But with him, I’m different

I nervously ramble on endlessly


But, to him, in his eyes

It’s as if I’m invisible.

Like the girl no one truly knows

Because no one truly does.


We sat in the November sun

Innocent and careless

Why did the others have to talk?

And ruin it. The shining rays of sun vanished behind a cloud


But, they’re peeking out again.

With the rose color of the early morn sunrise

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