New Stranger In Town

October 10, 2011
By WordStricken PLATINUM, La Grange, California
WordStricken PLATINUM, La Grange, California
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He's a shadow of a man
Always hidden behind darkness
There's light, but it's secluded
Tucked away for no one to see
Nobody can tell, never used to be

Like this, the stranger
Heart breaker, cheat, a danger
Haven't seen this person before,
He's new in town, a stranger
There's nothing to see, no light in his eyes

Can't tell where he's gone, used to be so brilliant
Resilient, boy he was a star
Somehow he was lost in time
Nothing to bind, tie him here
He's gone, there's nothing left

No trace, linger of a smile
He's down the road, not even a mile
Used to love the light
The boy lit up my night
Shinning like a sun

He drew me in; spit me out
Without a thought, no hint of regret
Someone's stolen him, he got lost in the thunder
Rain is coming down
Washing all evidence of the lost
No trace of the brilliance

Another's been taken, never to be found
A heart broke, without a sound

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