Scared of Life

October 10, 2011
By Anonymous

The pain I feel on the inside and out,
The hurt, the shame, all the lies
With the hate, the anger, and teasing
The more I cry the more I feel alone
When I go to school I feel like the runt
Like no one wants her here or there
When I am with family I feel like the outcast
I am scared of what each day might bring me
Because nothing seems to change
As months pass nothing has changed
And I step back and wonder why I am hated
What I am doing wrong
Sometimes I feel like my life is a waste
Like my life could have been used for
Someone better, prettier anyone but me
Someone everyone wants to be around
Sometimes I let myself go
I don’t know what I am saying
But I know I hurt the ones I love
Like the ones I Love hurt me
Women and children have been in
And out of my life like a blink of an
Eye, I am scared that when I am older
That I will make my kids go through
That because that is what I have
Lived with.
Death is a big part of my life
I am soon to think that I am next
Maybe I am wanted maybe I am not
I will never find out because I am scared

The author's comments:
This my first poem. It is also for my school!
So let me know what you think and what i could have done better!
Help me be a better writer!(:

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