Infinity Lied

October 10, 2011
By VancityLover BRONZE, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
VancityLover BRONZE, Great Barrington, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you. "
-- Isadora Duncan

"to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; this is to have succeeded."
-R. W. Emerson

An umbrella of sky hovers above me,
Freckles of stars blemish the black backdrop,
Tarnishing the night's flawless complexion.
And I am swallowed by infinity...
A hungry infinity,
The loneliest of all infinities.
A desperate kiss from the comets shocks my lips and like a lost lightning bolt,
I disappear...

Feet plotted in a field staring space in the eye,
As nothing more than a strand of hay in a needle stack.
Tip-toeing on a blend of eggshells and glass shards,
Eyes wide shut, and I guide myself on a leash,
Through the minefield of trap doors I am forced to walk through...
...away from falling,
I'm falling,
upside down and flipped right side up,
but who decides which 'Up' is 'Right'?
Are you there? Am I here?
Where is here? Where is there?
If you can't find an answer that satisfies then please,
Stitch up your lips and listen.

Slowly consumed by time and space,
Which engulf all thought and condemn me to silence.
Dumping the ashtray clogging my mind,
Wiping my body clean from circumstance,
And I am left nothing but a blank canvas.
All I hear is a silence.
The blackest silence.
The loudest silence.
I've forgotten how to breathe,
How to speak,
How to be.
All important components of how to function "properly".

I've forgotten how to live without worry,
Which what worries me most.
What some call paranoid, I simply call parallel,
Walking alongside myself, holding my own hand.
Baby steps, little one,
Baby steps.

I stretch my arms and jump,
Desperate to capture a star as a souvenir...
But I unclench my fist and find only air,
Are the stars illusions, or are they really there?
Maybe space is playing a prank on me...
I cradle the air and pour it in my pocket,
It's lack of interest must make it important,

For something so vast,
it is all so easy.
Even light has been simplified into a math equation.
If only emotions were as scientific...
An answer to 'me' holds such appeal,
To the girl still confused by what's fake and what's real.

Here I stand at the earth's beginning and, at the same time, its end,
Gravity clutching on to me for dear life.
I blur the lines and what defines science and faith,
And realize the similarities between what I think and what I feel.
Release what you know to discover what you don't,
The only thing harder than holding on is letting go.

Space and time are said to be infinite,
But space becomes crowded, and time runs out.
Both pillars and keys to supporting and unlocking our understanding of life,
But what if the scientists were lying to us?
Nothing lasts forever, people who say differently are liars, cowards, thieves.
Eventually infinity has to cross the finish line.

When my hundred years of solidity have been used,
I will watch from space,
Swinging on a star,
Hovering over the soil, as one of the night's freckles.
I'll wave and holler to the girl below,
Feet plotted in a field.
And teach her that infinity
Can be her shield...
If only temporarily.

The author's comments:
A piece inspired by the purest strength that can only blossom from the most desperate weakness.

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