My Crumbling Fortress

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

My wall was once strong and sturdy.
Something I thought would protect me—I was wrong.
It’s let him in—I’m scared.
What am I supposed to do—I can’t help but care for him.
This is new, it hasn’t happened before.
Every time I look at him—I feel it crumble a bit more.
I can feel him silently slipping in—getting closer than anyone’s ever been,
stepping over the ruinous wall—making me quietly fall.

My emotional shelter—how you once stood so steady and strong
Rebounding the foreign-invaders—defending my heart.
You threw the warning flag—you sent me the message
Oh, you told me to run free—you told me not to listen
Protector of my heart—how you have fallen
Leaving me exposed—letting in these emotions.
They swiftly surround me before I know it,—I have nowhere to go.
Without you here standing strong—love’s trap has gotten me.

I remember the casual carefree days— the days before your demise.
Laying around —not a care in the world.
No one could hurt me—for you stood so strong and mighty.
Emotions weren’t complicated nor were they long.
They came and went — like a breathless summer breeze.

Before your existence I once was happy—there was no pain or tears,
only a cheerful chatty girl—who loved dancing in the rain.
Surrounded by friends— young and naive
I never thought that I would need— a tall ferocious fortress
to separate me from the world—to protect me.

Since your demise—my world has changed
There now stands a careful cautious girl – whose heart is on the line.
This dark-haired hero–broke through the fortress
His charming smile – his childish ways
Thank you for falling–for being this weak
for making me see – that this love’s trap
is the best thing to ever happen to me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my senior lit class. It's supposed to be an elegy. We had to write about something we've lost so I chose to write about my metaphorical wall, the one that protected my heart.

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