My Love

October 10, 2011
By LaTrina Gladney BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
LaTrina Gladney BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Today I lost my love.
We have been in love with each together for six years.
And today it just stops so many things I could have told him.
So many times I tried.
I could have tried to understand things about him.
We only have one life to live so why fight over dumb things.
It’s no good reason.
Why does he want to end this relationship?
That we have had for six years?
And stop all the things we worked hard for and built together?
Take this relationship and just put it out the window.
I have been in love with the same man for six years and now I’m lost with no body.
I’m lost without a sound, picture or without words.
My love we have battle, but not like this.
I really think it is over
You will always be my d.battles,
My lover, my best friend my everything..

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