The Whispers in the Halls

October 9, 2011
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"Those two won't last long,
Let me bet you,
I've got a pool going
For the length of those two."

The whispers in the halls
Are pervasive,
And strong.

They penetrate
Every social group,
And creed.

Some people just ignore them,
Others listen close,
Some take them as warnings,
While the other ones boast:

"I started the whispers,
The whispers in the halls!
I rule the school,
My words pervade the walls!"

But the words themselves,
More sinister in nature,
They have the real control,
And they never waiver.

Ruthless in their task,
It is them that does control,
Every person

The whispers don't discriminate,
By friend or by foe.
They don't just seek out
The ones they don't know

Each whisper turns back,
And with a lash of its tail,
Snaps PANG, and then listens
To prolonged, painful wails

Eminating from each child
The words chuckle lightly,
"I'll make them grow up."

Its ruthless agenda seeks us all out
It seperates the strong
From the weak
But each one of us will pout,
Some time in our lives
"The words have me captive!"
"I can't move on!"
"I'm too afraid!"

Here we all are,
Prisoners in an ancient dungeon.
Nowhere to go.

Held captive,
By our own
whispers. . .

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