Here in the future

October 11, 2011
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out here on my own
the only mole
on the perfect face of life
because I dared to be different
and now I'm here
in this chamber of isolation
my personality trapped in my head
while the rest of my body
continues on
with their, plan of "life"
if you can call this life
now looking back on the memories
when I was in control of my
I wonder how many people i passed
who couldn't control

now I linger here
like a forced Hitch hiker
stuck on myself
watching the automated world
whizz by myself
but not..myself
because here in our utopia
if you try
if you simply try to be different
you simply try to be
even more creative
in this world when you
go past the line of normality you
are forced into your mind
while you still continue
here in the future
here in the future
where every man is created equal
here in the future
every man is kept equal
here in the future
everything is
here in the future we have created robots
called humans

here in the future
will we ever escape
from ourselves
and become what we are

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